It's time to derive your worldview from the Bible

Rather than reading the Bible through the eyes of modern secularism, this provocative six-part course teaches you to read the Bible through its own eyes—as a record of God’s dealing with the human race. When you read it at this level, you will discover reasons to worship God in areas of life you probably never before associated with “religion.”

Thu, Mar 16, 2000
by Charles Clough
Duration: 1 hr 3 mins 19 secs
More examples from a debate. Rejecting the requirement for a blood atonement compromises the nature of God. The gospel will always offend unbelief. The historicity of the resurrection of Christ is essential to the historicity of the gospel! Jesus Christ’s post-resurrection appearances.
Thu, Mar 23, 2000
by Charles Clough
Duration: 1 hr 17 mins 10 secs
The facts of the resurrection of Christ. The distinction between a spirit body (angels), resuscitation, and resurrection. The context of the resurrection. Our relationship with God requires that we have a body. Salvation is incomplete unless it includes the body. The resurrection is both implicit and explicit. The meaning of the resurrection. New Testament references to the resurrection. Questions and answers.
Thu, Mar 30, 2000
by Charles Clough
Duration: 1 hr 18 mins 24 secs
Historical, unbelieving, responses to the resurrection event. What is particularly offensive to unbelief about the resurrection? The resurrection confronts each of us with our future, permanent state; threatening “the enemies of Christianity with the consequences of unrepentant death!” Questions and answers.
Thu, Apr 06, 2000
by Charles Clough
Duration: 1 hr 2 mins 37 secs
Review of the biblical context of the resurrection. Using the resurrection to represent a vague hope is improper and reveals a false theology. The fall and final judgment have cosmic results and bracket evil. Glorification is the ultimate, final aim and purpose of history. God is progressively glorified throughout history.
Thu, Apr 20, 2000
by Charles Clough
Duration: 1 hr 27 mins 52 secs
God is glorified sequentially in time. God is also glorified in eternity. Man will ultimately be glorified in the Person of Jesus Christ because, as the Son of Man, He fulfills the destiny of man. Nature will be glorified in the new heavens and new earth. Questions and answers.
Thu, Apr 27, 2000
by Charles Clough
Duration: 1 hr 22 mins
The sobering side of the resurrection. The glorification of nature. Applications of the resurrection. The resurrection is the basis for the Christian hope and a powerful incentive to Christian living. The resurrection and the gospel. “The chief and the highest end of man.” Questions and answers.
Thu, Sep 21, 2000
by Charles Clough
Passage: Acts 17
Duration: 1 hr 1 mins 36 secs
How the Apostle Paul approached and reasoned with a profoundly pagan group of people. Giving a reasoned defense for your faith. There is no such thing as “natural law.” Nothing works independently of God! Unbelief is inherently hypocritical. Quick review of the Framework series to this point.