Over and over again we are seeing the results of our culture’s rejection of God’s design. Does the Bible show us how to pray and order our choices to undercut the nearly ubiquitous pagan culture?

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Q4 2021
Ministry notes

Since the last newsletter I have had three opportunities to minister the Word of God.

In October I was invited to the Helms School of Government at Liberty University. They scheduled me to interact with their students in three government classes and in an open student forum. The forum topic was “How to Frame Any Issue Biblically.” I needed a vivid illustration of what education meant to the Pilgrim culture in New England that would contrast with today’s totally secularized government-run educational system.

So, in each of the classes, I showed them this picture of the largely unknown Monument to the Forefathers a few blocks west of the Mayflower exhibit in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The American public became more aware of this monument due to Kirk Cameron’s role in the 2012 movie “Monumental.” Built over a number of decades in the 19th century, this monument details on its four sides the Puritan view of morality, legal requirements for business to function, education, and political freedom. In this picture I took on the northwest side of the monument, you see at the top Lady Faith pointing upward toward Heaven and holding the Bible in her left hand—the necessary presupposition of a godly society. Below her is Lady Morality holding the Bible opened to the Ten Commandments. To the right is Mr. Law holding a business contract. We had good follow up discussions in all three classes.

My second ministry opportunity in November was at the Bayside Community Church in Tampa, Florida. I shared sections of my paper for the annual Pre-Trib Study Group.

Babel – What Happened and What Are the Implications for Us?

Babel – How it Frames the Last 4,000 Years of Human History

In December I presented a paper entitled “The Babel Delusion: A 4000+ Year Religious and Political Fantasy”, at the Pre-Trib Study Group Conference at the Sheraton–DFW airport. The paper is a new expansion of the Babel event briefly discussed in the current 224-lesson Biblical Framework course. Just as the Fall is an event that captures the strategy Satan used with Adam and Eve which characterizes all subsequent history, so, too, the Babel event captures a “second fall” that is a strategy behind all attempted tyrannies in subsequent history. The paper and slides are now available on the www.BibleFrameworkApplied.org website. The video and audio will be added in the next month or so. Moreover, the results of this study will augment the existing Framework structure.

BFM Web (in)sites

We’ve been working on some updates to both the BibleFramework.org and BibleFrameworkApplied.org websites over the past couple of months.

Many have inquired as to what has happened to Mr. Clough’s teachings such as Deuteronomy or 1 John, since they are no longer available on the BibleFramework.org website. So, we’ve included a pop-up that activates when you initially go to BibleFramework.org that has a link to the new BibleFrameworkApplied.org website, for those seeking additional teaching by Charles Clough.

Note: The Ministry encourages you to listen to the full 224-lesson Bible Framework series (available at www.bibleframework.org) before listening to the Bible Framework Applied studies, as these “Applied” studies are just that – the application of the Framework.

There’s also an enhanced Search feature now available on both websites, which provides more robust search results. Just click on the Search link in the top menu on both sites to access this feature. Instructions on how to use this updated feature are found there along with the “box” to enter your key words.

Another feature for both websites is a Podcast links page accessible from each site’s home page. You can now easily find the links for podcasts by going to the Podcast link under the “… Lessons” menu option at the top of the home page on each site. (Click here for Bible Framework podcasts. Click here for Bible Framework Applied podcasts.)

Note: If you have previously subscribed to one or more podcasts for the Bible Framework Applied studies (such as Deuteronomy, 1 John, etc.), you need to update your subscriptions to the podcast(s) as the links have changed. Please go to the podcast links page on the BibleFrameworkApplied.org website, copy the appropriate link, and paste it into the area of your podcast application where you can add a podcast/show by URL.

The order form on the BibleFrameworkApplied.org website is now enabled. You can order the Bible Framework Applied studies for free with various media options: disk (CD or DVD) or Flash/jump drive.


Bayside Community Church
Guest Speaker March 6, 2022
3333 Bayshore Blvd,
Tampa, FL 33629,
Adult Sunday School 10 AM, Worship Service 11 AM

Chafer Seminary Pastors’ Conference
West Houston Bible Church
March 7–9, 2022

Prayer Requests

For continued exposure of the Bible Framework websites to the global community.

For updating and improvements to the original Bible Framework website.

For developmental efforts for the new Bible Framework Applied website.

For Charlie’s and Carol’s continued good health.

For upcoming ministry at Tampa Bayside Community Church.

For meeting of Chafer Seminary Board and other interactions during the upcoming Pastors’ Conference at West Houston Bible Church.

For God’s guidance in constructing the new Section 1 of the Framework.

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