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Bible Framework Course :: Features and Benefits

Click here to view/download the overview of the Biblical Framework for Worship and Obedience in an Age of Global Deception brochure. You can order printed copies of the brochure on the Order Course page.

  • Focuses upon key events in biblical history
  • Gives the divine interpretation of each event
  • Demonstrates the coherence of this sequence of divine words and works
  • Draws out major implications of each event and associated doctrines
  • Contrasts these implications with both ancient and modern pagan opposing notions
  • Acquaints students with sometimes neglected Old Testament revelation underlying the New Testament
  • Includes downloadable lectures, transcriptions, and accompanying notes indexed to lectures
  • Includes slides of diagrams used in lectures
  • Seeks to link—not replace—exegesis and specialized worldview studies
  • Utilizes strategic envelopment of unbelieving assaults against the faith

  • Skill in linking biblical truth with biblical text
  • More capacity to engage the great ideas of peer culture from a position of biblical strength
  • Enlarged vision of God that transforms study and discovery into worshipful activities
  • Fills in the gaps and disjointedness left by a secular education
  • Opens opportunities for conversation with unbelievers that can lead to a gospel witness
  • Provides a framework that coordinates isolated chunks of biblical truth
  • Centers one’s thinking upon the space-time historically progressing revelation of God rather than upon isolated texts, personal experience, or a theological system
  • A valuable reference to help pastor-teachers aim their exegetical results at targets of unbelief that affect their flock
  • Heightened awareness of the weaknesses of unbelief
  • Appreciation for the comprehensive conflict between the Bible and the world system


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Please make sure you visit the Download course notes page to download the supporting materials such as the course notes which Mr. Clough references during his Bible classes.