Over and over again we are seeing the results of our culture’s rejection of God’s design. Does the Bible show us how to pray and order our choices to undercut the nearly ubiquitous pagan culture?
Q1 2019
Ministry Notes

The Connection: One of the crucial features of the Framework ministry is to encourage believers to connect what God has spoken to us in His Word—special or verbal revelation—with the world around us, that is, general or mute revelation. Special revelation is what God has spoken to man throughout history so that He could have a personal relationship with us. It was given periodically through direct speech (Mt. Sinai, His words at Jesus’ baptism and at the Mount of Transfiguration, etc.) and indirectly through the Old Testament prophets (to whom “came the Word of the Lord”) and through the New Testament apostles who were guided by the Holy Spirit to give us His message in their writings.

On the other hand, general revelation is mute. It has no words or speech. It needs to be interpreted by us. If our spiritual eyes are open, we can see His handiwork in every area of creation all around us. Think here of David’s message in Psalm 19:1–6 and Paul’s teaching in Acts 17:24–29. Paul tells us in Romans 1:18–32 of the existence of general revelation throughout all creation and the chronological flow of God’s providence over history and our personal lives.

Ever-Fresh Praise. Connecting what God has spoken with what God has made and with what He is doing empowers ever-fresh praise of God if done consistently. But many of us have difficulty doing this because our childhood education taught us to consider every subject matter totally unconnected with the Bible. For most of us it takes a lot of effort over years to overcome these embedded mental habits. So in this issue of the BFM Newsletter I want to challenge us to make connections between a series of observations and the Word of God.

God’s Design of Physical Life. When Darwin wrote a century and a half ago, he had no access to modern observations of the cell. To him it was just a “black box” to quote molecular biologist, Michael Behe. To try to explain obvious design in living creatures, Darwin had to resort to personifying Nature so he could explain obvious design without resorting to the Designer, our Creator. Today, however, with advanced instrumentation we are able to peer into the cell and realize that a fertilized cell is intelligently programmed to grow into an embryo and then into a fully functioning creature. Go to this short video and think biblically about what you are observing. As this newt (salamander) embryo develops under time-lapse micro photography, imagine yourself trying to put sufficient instructions into the tiny first cell to enable it to create a fully functional living creature made of hosts of special cells distinct from the first one! Then read Job 38 and Revelation 4.

Website Updates

Recently we’ve received several inquiries about whether the Bible Framework audio is available via podcast. The answer is YES! In fact, audio for each of the series available on the website (Deuteronomy, 1 John, etc.) is also available via podcast.

Below are the links to subscribe to the Framework podcasts. To listen via podcast, copy and paste the URL(s) listed below into your podcast software (such as iTunes):
Complete 224-lesson Framework podcast

Or, if you’d like smaller “chunks” downloaded due to space limitations, try the Framework podcasts broken into individual parts.
You can also find links for podcasts for the other series on the overview page for each series.

New CD Available for Ordering
The CD with the audio, slides, class notes, and transcripts for the recent Our Relationship with God in 2018: Estranged or Intimate? series is now available for ordering on the website. Order your free copies today!

New Transcripts Available Online
If you’ve been looking for the transcripts for the complete Deuteronomy series, they are now available online for each class in the series—a great way to read about “social justice” from God’s perspective.


Spring Semester: Teaching Christian Framework II at Chafer Seminary

Chafer Seminary Pastors’ Conference, West Houston Bible Church, Seminary business, March 11–13, 2019, presentation of the seminary

Bayside Community Church
Guest Speaker June 2, 2019
3333 Bayshore Blvd,
Tampa, FL 33629,
Adult Sunday School 10 AM, Worship Service 11 AM

Throughout Spring 2019 Charles will be working on updates for the Bible Framework Ministries website.

Prayer Requests

For continued exposure of the BFM website to the global community

For wisdom and good health in creating new materials for the site

For continued financial support that the teaching materials can be used by the poor, particularly in third-world countries. Although not from the third world, here is a recent testimony showing how your support of this ministry is bearing crucial fruit.
“Although my siblings have declined my standing offer to discuss God-related things with them, I am forever trying to persuade them, in my mind, to believe in Jesus. I’ve been painfully aware that they would, no doubt, run circles around me in the discussions I dream of having. But having listened to only a dozen lessons in Charlie’s Framework series, a kernel of confidence is growing in me. I actually think I could contend for my faith with a bit more clarity now. And I’ve only just begun! If I can keep learning and reinforcing what he’s teaching me, who knows where I’ll be in a few months?”

For equipment reliability and time management for our volunteer in California who is working on enhancing the quality of the Framework audio files

For the continued development of the Framework materials oriented to elementary through high-school-aged children
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