Over and over again we are seeing the results of our culture’s rejection of God’s design. Does the Bible show us how to pray and order our choices to undercut the nearly ubiquitous pagan culture?
Q3 2021
Ministry Notes

Bible Framework Ministries now has two websites: www.BibleFramework.org and www.BibleFrameworkApplied.org. The first contains only the Bible Framework study materials. The second contains all other related materials (such as Deuteronomy and 1 John as well as the more concise series from conferences) and is currently under development.

We are developing this complementary site to help people avoid confusion over what the Bible Framework is. People sometimes listen to or view various series that I have done in different locations to specific groups that requested a limited presentation, and then they think that they have been exposed enough to my teaching to know the Bible Framework itself. By having two websites we hope to lessen that confusion.

Here’s an example of what you’ll find on the Bible Framework Applied site. Suppose you want to access the new free “Framework for Families” (i.e., Interlocked) version—a condensed version of the Bible Framework with colored diagrams in addition to teaching materials for parents and children. Go to www.BibleFrameworkApplied.org. On the title bar click on BIBLE FRAMEWORK APPLIED LESSONS. You will then see all the various materials that were formerly on the original website.

Now look at the left margin—Bible Lessons Applying the Bible Framework—click on the first item under that title: “Interlocked – Framework for Families”.

You will then see links to two websites hosted in Singapore. One is for Interlocked in English and a second is for Interlocked in Spanish. Both versions were written at a language level that should be understandable for students of age 15 and up. Extra work was done in the Spanish version to make the Spanish understandable to people who speak in the major Spanish dialects throughout Latin America.

The Interlocked lesson series was written for use by parents in the home and for groups of children and parents. Why? Because in the Bible parents are primarily responsible for the spiritual education of their children—not the Church, which typically provides an hour or two on Sundays, nor the government school systems that have become increasingly dominated by anti-biblical agendas.

Interlocked was tested by parents in Canada, the USA, and Singapore to get suggestions for improving the series. It begins with guidelines on how to cover each lesson in about two hours, whether all at once or in two one-hour sessions. Parents who at first felt unqualified to teach the lessons quickly found out after going through the first few lessons that they could do it. Just read the many different ways you can teach it in the Interlocked introductory material.

Using this material with your children or grandchildren is a great way to know how they think about God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

BFM (In)Sites

If you’ve been looking for the Bible study materials (such as 1 John and Deuteronomy) that were previously found on the www.BibleFramework.org website, you can now access them while we’re developing the new www.BibleFrameworkApplied.org website. This new site also includes access to several videos of Charles Clough’s teachings. Please “pardon our dust” as we develop and reorganize this site.

Have You Checked Out the Updated Bible Framework Order Form?

Bible Framework materials are now available on flash drives (Free, of course)
  • Do you want to play Framework lessons on a laptop that doesn’t have a DVD/CD drive? Order a Framework flash drive.
  • Are you interested in playing the Deuteronomy MP3 files on the go and you don’t have an MP3 CD-player in your car? Order the Bible Framework Applied flash drive (available for shipment by October 1).
Changes in technology require changes in the way we distribute the Bible Framework materials. We are now offering the Bible Framework as well as all of the materials available on the www.BibleFrameworkApplied.org website on convenient flash drives. Hint: These drives are easy to duplicate and you can copy them and give them to your friends!
Go to the Course Order Form on www.BibleFramework.org to place an order for the free Bible Framework and Bible Framework Applied media disks. (Our apologies that the order form on the Bible Framework Applied website is currently not working.)


Liberty University
October 7–8, 2021
Helms School of Government
Open Student Forum, evening of October 7
Several classes both days
(Hopefully the Forum will be videoed and eventually be available at

Bayside Community Church
Guest Speaker November 28, 2021
3333 Bayshore Blvd,
Tampa, FL 33629,
Adult Sunday School 10 AM, Worship Service 11 AM

30th Annual Pre-Trib Study Group conference
December 6–8, 2021
Location: Sheraton Grand Hotel—DFW Airport, Irving, Texas
Topic: “The Babel Delusion,” 3:30 pm, December 7, 2021

Prayer Requests
For continued exposure of the Bible Framework websites to the global community.

For updating and improvements to the original Bible Framework website.

For developmental efforts for the new Bible Framework Applied website.

For Charlie’s and Carol’s continued good health.

For Charlie’s presentations at Liberty University, Bayside Community Church, and the Pre-Trib Study Group conference.

Thankfulness to our heavenly Father for answered prayers for our global outreach as well as the restoration of Charlie’s and Carol’s health after COVID.
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