Not Ashamed of the Gospel (Romans 1:16-32)

As this "culture war" heats up in the USA, Bible-believing Christians need to be very sure of their foundation in the Word of God. The teaching will promote a New Testament based strategy of confident engagement of the increasing pagan beliefs in our nation.

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Lesson 1 - Having Confidence in the Word of God within a Pagan Culture. Rom 1:16-17
Lesson 2 - How Paul Used the Romans Argument in Street Confrontation Over the Gospel. Acts 14:17
Lesson 3 - Why the Gospel Disrupts Society and Upsets People. Rom 1:18
Lesson 4 - How to Use the Strategy of Envelopment Against Unbelief. Rom 1:19-21
Lesson 5 - Enveloping the Pagan Artistic Imagination (Lust of the Eyes). Rom 1:22-24
Lesson 6 - Enveloping the Pagan Agenda (Lust of the Flesh). Rom 1:25-27
Lesson 7 - Enveloping the Pagan Sense of Judgement (Pride of Life). Rom 1:28-32
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"I am trying to tell others about the lessons. They are so good. Thank you for your ministry."
J.W., British Columbia, Canada