Living the Christian Life

The apostles John and Paul each had their own way of teaching the Christian life. Although the truths they taught are consistent, Bible students must respect their individual vocabularies and rationale. This mini-series surveys how the aged apostle John taught the Christian life in his epistle of 1 John. It provides a stimulating adjunct to the usual fare of Pauline teaching.

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Lesson 1 - Introduction—John, 1 John, My Method
Lesson 2 - Basis of Authority—Apostolically-revealed truth
Lesson 3 - Fellowship with the Triune God—Part 1
Lesson 4 - Fellowship with the Triune God—Part 2
Lesson 5 - The Christ Divide
Lesson 6 - Loving the Brethren—Part 1
Lesson 7 - Loving the Brethren—Part 2
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"[Your] MP3s have already had an impact. . . .In our Sunday School class [during a discussion of God’s fairness] I shared. . .your point that all the tribes that left the Tower of Babel. . .had the first 9 chapters of Genesis. . . .This makes my point that you are the only one out there with a complete system for spiritual understanding."
G. B., Texas