Law, Grace & Citizenship

This 7-part Labor Day series encompasses the task of Bible believing citizens to think through and intelligently act upon our citizenship responsibilities rather than resort to either misguided non-participation or shallow emotional responses. Ten core biblical truths provide the foundation. Biblical law reveals true social justice, and only biblical grace can fulfill it in both the visible and invisible realms. Biblical citizenship uniquely projects salt and light while avoiding both naive triumphalism and paralyzing despair.

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Law, Grace & Citizenship Handouts and PowerPoint Slides
Lesson 1 - Our Situation Today: The Big Picture
Lesson 2 - Law: God's Revelation & Man's Opinions
Lesson 3 - What Real 'Social Justice' Looks Like (Part 1)
Lesson 4 - What Real 'Social Justice' Looks Like (Part 2)
Lesson 5 - King or Savior, Law or Grace?
Lesson 6 - Christian Cultural Influence (Part 1)
Lesson 7 - Christian Cultural Influence (Part 2)
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"[Your] MP3s have already had an impact. . . .In our Sunday School class [during a discussion of God’s fairness] I shared. . .your point that all the tribes that left the Tower of Babel. . .had the first 9 chapters of Genesis. . . .This makes my point that you are the only one out there with a complete system for spiritual understanding."
G. B., Texas