Law, Grace & Citizenship

This 7-part Labor Day series encompasses the task of Bible believing citizens to think through and intelligently act upon our citizenship responsibilities rather than resort to either misguided non-participation or shallow emotional responses. Ten core biblical truths provide the foundation. Biblical law reveals true social justice, and only biblical grace can fulfill it in both the visible and invisible realms. Biblical citizenship uniquely projects salt and light while avoiding both naive triumphalism and paralyzing despair.

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Law, Grace & Citizenship Handouts and PowerPoint Slides
Lesson 1 - Our Situation Today: The Big Picture
Lesson 2 - Law: God's Revelation & Man's Opinions
Lesson 3 - What Real 'Social Justice' Looks Like (Part 1)
Lesson 4 - What Real 'Social Justice' Looks Like (Part 2)
Lesson 5 - King or Savior, Law or Grace?
Lesson 6 - Christian Cultural Influence (Part 1)
Lesson 7 - Christian Cultural Influence (Part 2)
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"This series was recommended to me by my CFO of [major insurance company]. . . .I seemed to get these lectures at a unique crisis in my life, then time opened up and gave me an opportunity to listen. . . .I mean 224 lectures can be daunting. After going through them for the first time, I could conclude that they were the most educational resource that I have in understanding the Bible, dealing with my doubt, and strengthening my faith to fight the spiritual wars that I constantly seem to be in the midst of."
R.M., Kentucky