Keeping Faithful to our Lord in a Growing Hostile Culture

Using Romans 12:1-2 as the theme, this 7-part Labor Day series deals with how to avoid being “conformed to this age” by having our minds “transformed.” Paul’s warning certainly applies to Bible-believing Christians living in our increasingly hostile culture—a culture using the secular public schools, the media, and government leadership to forcefully, continually and ubiquitously mold U.S. population into suppressing God in every important area of life.

As this new series moves from creation to the conquest, I point to specific cultural agendas that by substituting fictional counter-notions seek to suppress what God shows about Himself in each event. I also cite by number the exact Power Point slide I am using so you can refer to the accompanying slide as you listen to the audio. Included in this series is the complete handout for note-taking. I hope you will feel less intimidated when you see the flimsy foundations under these fictional substitutes for Biblical revelation. May you be encouraged to see the corresponding strength of the Word of God at each point—strength you can rely upon to remain faithful to our Lord!

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Handouts and PowerPoint Slides
Lesson 1 - Introduction: the Bible vs. Secular Public Education
Lesson 2 - Creation vs. Naturalist Histories, Psychology of Self-Identity, Environmentalism
Lesson 3 - Fall & Flood vs. Naturalistic Histories, Psychology of Self-Identity, Environmentalism, Racism
Lesson 4 - Noahic Covenant & Babel vs. Secular Theories of Civil Government, Political Progressivism
Lesson 5 - Call of Abraham, Exodus, Mt. Sinai vs. Secular Theories of Religion, Ethics, & Law
Lesson 6 - Conquest, Social Failure, and Longing for the Ideal Leader vs. Libertarianism & Tyranny
Lesson 7 - Question & Answer, Summary with Suggestions on Personal Faithfulness to the Lord
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"I just wanted to say that I absolutely Love your new website! It's Very Nice! Also, I just started the Biblical Framework study and it has been great thus far through the first 5 lessons. Thank you so much for the awesome work you guys are doing! "
Joe, ND