Colleges Denying the Only Real Source of Truth – God

Brooks Shertzer, a student at Loyola University in Baltimore, shares some significant encounters with the faculty at the university, a campus that proudly claims to be Roman Catholic. Brooks, though generally quiet and always courteous, is well-grounded in the Word of God and not at all reticent to challenge his professors when they spew forth ridicule of the Bible. Usually he is quite alone in the classes, as far as receiving any support from classmates. Yet, after some of his in-class challenges to the professors, some classmates have come to him with interest in what he dared to say out loud (when they were too intimidated to say anything).

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Lesson - Colleges Denying the Only Real Source of Truth – God
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"You have no idea how much your ministry has meant to me. I grew up in an atheist home. . .and never even heard of Jesus Christ until I was 21. . . .Thank you so much brother, not for your ability to articulate truth, that’s all of God, [but] thank you for your faithfulness to the text of Scripture. . . .I listened to the framework teachings between 5 and 11 hours every workday."
C.J., Georgia