Part 4 :: Disciplinary Truths of God's Kingdom

In Part IV we look not at the offense toward the outside pagan world but at the inner life of the elect nation Israel. Having been chosen by God as the instrument for bringing His Kingdom to the human race, Israel experienced a special history. Her history was controlled by the great covenants such as the Abrahamic unconditional covenant of election and the Sinaitic conditional covenant of kingdom rule. On the one hand, Israel's future destiny was secure in terms of her racial continuity, her national geographic location, and her mission to the world. On the other hand, Israel's passage through time toward that destiny was conditioned upon her loyalty to Yahweh: blessing for obedience; cursing for rebellion. Thousands of Israelites would be lost. At times her very historical existence seemed to hang by a thread.

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Lesson 70 - Deut. 32: Israel's National Anthem; Solomon, Blessings and Cursings Play Lesson Audio
Ch 1 - The Golden Era of Solomon: The Discipline of Blessing
Lesson 71 - Golden Era of Solomon: Sanctification, Queen Hatshepsut, Hebrew Bible Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 72 - Golden Era of Solomon: Biblical Wisdom and Cultural Fruit Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 73 - God's Rules for Kingship, Lessons from Solomon Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 74 - Lessons from Solomon -Sanctification and Culture Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 75 - David and Saul - En Gedi 1 Samuel 24 Play Lesson Audio
Ch 2 - The Kingdom Divided: The Discipline of Lost Blessing
Lesson 76 - Davidic Dynasty Rejected by Tribes of Israel Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 77 - Divided Kingdom - I Kings 11-13, Jeroboam's Departure from Scripture Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 78 - Divided Kingdom - I Kings 16-18, Tests for True Prophets Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 79 - I Kings 18: Mt. Carmel, I Kings 21: Naboth's Vineyard and Eminent Domain Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 80 - Review: History and Resulting Doctrines; Suffering, Sanctification, Chastening Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 81 - Divine Chastening, 1 Samuel 12, Summary of the Next 300 Years Play Lesson Audio
Ch 3 - Kingdoms in Decline: The Discipline of Cursing
Lesson 82 - Decline of the Kingdoms, Discipline of Cursing, Introduction to Prophets Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 83 - Prophetic Ministry 900-586 BC, (Isaiah 36-37) Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 84 - Rib Proceeding: Deut. 32, Isaiah 1, Hosea 4, Micah 4, Jere. 24, 36 Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 85 - Kingdom in Decline, Discipline of the King Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 86 - Review Covenants, Announcement of Israel's Future Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 87 (not available)
Ch 4 - Kingdom Ended: The Discipline of Exile
Lesson 88 - Sanctification and Chastening, Lessons from Declining Kingdom Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 89 - End of Kingdom, Discipline of Exile, Shift from Israel to the World Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 90 - Kingdom Ended: Israel and Judah into Captivity Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 91 - Exile Period (Daniel 2, 3) Dream Interpretation, Repercussions of the Exile Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 92 (not available)
Lesson 93 - Exilic Period: Doctrine of Separation in a Pagan Culture Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 94 - Separation from Legal Relationship Play Lesson Audio
Ch 5 - Partial Restoration: The Discipline of Hope
Lesson 95 - Soul Mapping: A Reality Check Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 96 - Review Framework: History and Resulting Doctrines Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 97 - Review Exile Period, Post-Exilic Restoration, Daniel 9, Jere. 25:8-10 Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 98 - Exile in Babylon, Sovereignty in Human Responsibility, Post-Exilic Prophets Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 99 - Restoration Period, Preservation and Reliability of Scripture, Canon Closing Play Lesson Audio
Appendices - The Millennial Issue
Lesson 100 - Eschatology: Pre-, A-, Post-Millennialism, Rise of Anti-Semitism Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 101 - Millennial Issues: Historical Comeback of Premillennialism Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 102 - Millennial Issues: Pre-, A-, Post-Millennialism Play Lesson Audio
Lesson 103 (not available)
Lesson 104 - Summary of Millennial Issue, Conclude OT Play Lesson Audio
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