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Biblical Framework Ministries, Inc. (BFM) is a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit corporation that relies completely upon unsolicited donations for funding. We believe this policy reflects the grace policy of God. He has provided for eternal salvation through his Son Jesus Christ, has given clear information throughout history of His will for our lives, and has preserved the truths of His plan in the Bible—all without any dependence upon human merit. Therefore we do not charge for any of the material offered on this Web site.

Giving is a privilege for those who have responded to and appreciate the revelation of our Creator, Judge, and Savior. Contributions to this ministry are used for procurement of CDs DVD’s and other supplies, travel costs for Mr. Clough’s speaking engagements, and maintenance of this Web site. Donations can be made out to Biblical Framework Ministries and sent to:

Biblical Framework Ministries
P.O. Box 1820
Bellaire, TX 77401

Or you can make a donation directly online via our PayPal account:


We protect donors’ privacy and do not share donor information with any other ministry or business. Donors will receive a summary receipt for tax return purposes by January 31 for the previous year. This receipt itemizes all of the contributions with dates and amounts.

Following the apostolic example of financial transparency (2 Cor. 8:20-21) BFM's annual financial statement is available upon request to

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"Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing this life changing series free of charge. Clough Rocks!"